Monday, July 21, 2008

Seventies Hairstyle - Do You Have It?

The era of the seventies was dominated by the punk Hairstyle. It was the short spiky hairstyles that ruled the roost in that era. In the case of women, the shag and bob hairstyles were the ones that were the craze of the era. The era is famous for its hep style statements.

The seventies hairstyle also coincides with the hippy era wherein the girls can be seen in wild flowing hair that provide a natural look to the hair. The era involved a lot of use of hair irons as straight hair was the fashion of those days. During the seventies a lot of emphasis was laid on glamour, this is the reason why we all could see shiny and styled head bands being used in that era.

During the seventies even the 60s plaits were been carried over. There was a craze of hair dos in that era, the most famous being the Afro hairdo. The afro hairdo was considered to be frenzy at that time. It is also known as the disco era wherein the people were fond of flaunting their style. Style was the mantra of the time.

The shag hairstyle was considered as one of the most happening hairstyles. The style involved irregular layers of hair that provided a shaggy look. The other hairstyle that had gained popularity was the pageboy hairstyle. The hairstyle was done by inward curling of the hair. The style gave the hair a fluff. The mulled haircut was another hairstyle of the seventies that worn by both men and women.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Medium Hairstyles - What is Popular?

Medium hairstyles are some of the easiest to deal with. They give women the versatility of long hair without all the time and effort spent to make the hair look nice.

Medium hairstyles are those that hit just below the ear to just below the shoulders. Let's look at some popular medium styles of the moment.

The Bob

The bob is a popular medium hairstyle that's been popular for many years. Call it the most timeless of the medium haircuts. Perhaps the best aspect of the bob is it can be somewhat short (chin length or even shorter) or it can be longer, hitting the shoulders.

The bob usually involves bangs (and then a straight style to the shoulders or wherever the hair hangs), or it can be all one length. Sometimes hairstylists will give no bangs, but will frame the hair around the face rather than leave it all one length.

The great aspect of the bob is its forgiveness. It works with just about any face shape, but looks particularly good on women with oval or round faces.

The Shag

The shag haircut has long been popular with women of all ages (but particularly those in their 20s and 30s). If you think of Jennifer Aniston in "Friends" and the hairstyle that made her so popular, you are picturing the shag. Of course, the medium shag is shorter than the hair that Aniston sported, but the basic styling is similar.

The shag requires a little more time and know-how than the bob, but this style flatters most facial shapes (save, perhaps, a long face) and can be quite flattering. Women like that it looks as if they spent little time on it. This style is also versatile since there are no bangs, and the hair is often long enough to be put in a ponytail or other styles.

The Curled-Out Bob

This style is somewhat a combination of the shag and the bob. It has some layering like a shag, and yet the simple styling of the bob. This style requires a large round brush for drying and then once nearly dry, the ends are turned up (either with the large round brush or even a flat brush)

This style isn't quite as versatile as the basic shag, because often it will include bangs and a few more layers. But if can be styled in several ways and thanks to the layers, it can be styled for a curly look or can be blown straight.

We hope you have gotten a good idea of some popular medium hairstyles of the moment. Either you can grow your hair into one of these styles, or you can cut your hair shorter to make it a true "medium cut".

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How To Get The Most Glamorous Prom Hair Styles

So you’re all set for prom – you’ve got your gown, shoes, flowers, jewelry and the perfect date. The only thing left is your prom hair style. You need the most glamorously beautiful prom hair style in the room! We all know the most common prom hair style around – hair is bundled high on the head in a ponytail, while curls are arranged cascading around the face and then decorated with sequins or clips. This is a very feminine and pretty prom hair style. But we realize that not every girl wants this typical style. The following is an alternative idea for you to explore for your very special and unique prom hair style.

Think movie star and classic glamor for this beautiful prom hair style. Soft, billowing curls falling down upon your shoulders, just like the movie stars from the 40’s and 50’s are what make this prom hair style a wonderful alternative to an updo.

Hairstyling gurus such as Jesse Brigs call this new prom hair style “Hollywood glam”. He has helped develop a new waving technique he calls the S Wave Thermal Set that helps girls get the most romantic waves possible.

But what about girls with short hair?

Don’t’ worry, we haven’t forgotten about your prom hair style! One option for you is to get temporary extensions put in your hair just for your prom night, as long as your hair is four or five inches long. Or you can even put in bonded extensions and have the fun of long hair for up to three months.

Hair extensions are a simple way to get a beautiful prom hair style for either an up do or long and glamorous wavy look. Use hot roller, curling irons and a blow dryer to style your prom hair style. Just be sure you are careful near the bonds and/or clips so that you can readily conceal where the extensions are attached.

No matter what style you decide to go with on your prom night, make sure your prom hair style is one to remember. Be sure to add flowers, gems or jewels to glam up your prom hair style. Stencils can add temporary designs using hair glitter or paint. These instantly add a more trendy or funky look to your prom hair style.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hair Styles

The hair style is a very important part of one’s personal grooming. The way you wear your hair greatly affects the appearance of your features. In fact, your personal style is a great factor in the choice of your hairstyle as the right hairstyle projects your best qualities.

There are different hair styles for different types of hair; long styles and layered hair styles for long hair, short hair styles for short hair, and hair styles to suit occasions like weddings and proms. Those with black hair need not fret as there are now hair styles for those with black hair too. Men too are not far behind in the world of hair styles with there being quite a great variety of men’s hair styles! Long style basically works out well for all types of hair- straight or curly, but looks at its best if the locks are maintained a medium-texture or is thick. Those with fine hair or a long and narrow face should avoid long styles. Short hairstyles suits all face shapes; but if you have curly hair, it’s better to opt for a longer style as a short cut looks puffy. Having a fringe influences the appearance of your forehead with its length. Short fringes make your forehead look broader while a long one makes your forehead look shorter and wider. Wearing a parting straight down the center tends to add width to the forehead. Pulling back your hair highlights your jaw line and thins and elongates your neck.

Whatever the hair style, there is always one hairstyle that fits a person depending on the person’s hair type, hair texture and facial features. So go on down to the beauty parlor right now, and find out which hairstyle fits you the best!

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